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Beijing Modern Dance Company performs Dance Drama The Great Wall and First Love

Hailed as one of the best modern dance companies in China, Beijing Modern Dance Company gave the world premiere of its new work “The Great Wall” in early 2021 and has been touring for a total of 10 performances for a month since April 29th. In each movement, we see the history that the bricks and tiles want to tell, and witness the time that has passed on the Wall.

In addition, the company’s works “First Love” and “Blooming of Time” have also been performed in China while “Blooming of Time” was presented on video at the famous international dance festival in Italy, the MilanOltre Festival. 

In 2022, the company’s works “Offering” , “Blooming of Time” , “Oath Midnight” will continue to tour in China.The company will also travel to Xiamen Banlam Grand Theatre in March next year to participate in the theater’s Xiamen Ocean Art Week, which was created especially for the company.