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Armstrong International Music & Arts Enterprises Ltd., is a diversified leading arts management enterprise consists of three branches: Armstrong Music and Arts, Armstrong Media, and Armstrong Travel. We are aiming to build a cultural bridge between China and the Western World.

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Chaowei Fan

Chaowei Fan

Senior Vice President - IP development & Production


Over 25 years of experience in various entertainment related industries, including performing arts, film, theatre, and theme parks. Provides technical integration, production management, stage art production planning and operation consulting services for many world class projects and corporations. Specializes in integration of stage art, sound, lighting, electricity, projection and machinery, and development of control systems and implementation. 

Current position:
– Beijing Starlighting Culture & Tourism Development Co., Ltd – Creative Director
– Beijing Goze Culture Communication Co., Ltd – General Manager
– Creative Solution Integration Ltd (Taiwan) – General Manager
– China Institute of Stage Design – member of the committee
Cultural tourism project planning (excerpt):
1. <Xunlong River Tian Han drama Town> 
Hunan Xunlong River Starlighting Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.  (under construction)
2. Bailu Bay <Jimmy train park>, Shanghai Jimmy S.P.A. Co., Ltd. (under construction)
3. Pingtan Island < Haitan Ancient City >, Overall creation of cultural tourism projects
4. <Unique Mont EMEI·Land of Dramas> Beijing Starlighting Culture & Tourism Development Co., Ltd
5. <Xingguang Li> Xuzhou, Overall Creation  Beijing Starlighting Culture & Tourism Development Co., Ltd (under construction)
6. <Dream Sugar Refinery> Ten Drum Creative Group, Designed by Gino Gonzales
Performing spaces design, supervision and consultancy work (excerpt)
– International level theaters and cultural centers
Taoyuan Multifunctional Arts Park Multifunctional Performing Center (Taiwan) (Completed)
Pingtung Concert Hall (Taiwan) (Completed)
Taipei Arts Center (Taiwan) (under construction)
Kaohsiung Weiwuying Arts and Culture Center PCM Project (Taiwan) (Completed)
National Taiwan Theatre Arts Center (Taiwan) (Completed)
Taipei City Concert Hall and Library Construction Project PCM (Taiwan) (design planning)
– Medium-sized theater and multi-functional hall
theater in Wanxiangtiandi, CRLAND Art Space (completed)
Shenzhen Houhai Lenovo Project by Shenzhen Lenovo Overseas Holdings Limited (under construction)
Beikun International Culture and Art Center  (Under Construction)
XIXI·LIVE, Hangzhou (completed)
– Ms. Yang Liping’s exclusive theater 
Technical coordination of shows (excerpt): 
Musical< Mozart, ‘Opéra Rock >
Opera  <170 days in Nanjing> 
San Francisco Opera< Dream of the Red Chamber > 
Exhibition < Tim Yip> 
Dance < Under Siege > by Yang Liping
Opera < Fidelio > – Co-produced by Zürich Opera House and Taipei National Theatre & Concert Hall