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Jimmy Liao’s Fantasy World

About Jimmy Liao

Jimmy is one of the most representative Chinese-language picture book writers. Since 1998, he has been writing for more than twenty years, and has won important awards in Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong China, including the “Peter Pan Silver Star Prize” for such European languages as well as eight times shortlisted for the 2021 “Linguren ALMA” and other awards, and also won the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Ragaz Award Cinema category of excellence with “Time Cinema”. Works popular in the United States, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Korea, Japan, Thailand and other countries and all have translations. The works are written in the style of fairy tales, showing the world of the human mind, which makes the narrative expression into a transcendent and hazy realm.

About the exhibition

This exhibition will span several Jimmy picture books, breaking the convention of using one script for one area. The scenes/streets and elements shared in the picture books will be used to construct a Jimmy universe with work,love and family as the three clues. The exhibition will be presented in the form of immersive exhibition and action art.

At the same time, the exhibition area will include Gimmy paintings, poems, words, sounds, images, music, etc., combined with digital technology and interactive installation design as the core content, open to visitors to participate. This project is the largest exhibition in Jimmy’s 25 years of painting, and Jimmy himself has great expectations for this.

In addition to the traditional exhibition planning, the exhibition will also introduce hypnotist, aromatherapist and app, allowing visitors to explore life through the story narrative line and across time and space – the regrets of the past, the wanderings of the present and the expectations of the future, and after rethinking in Jimmy’s world, they will find the strength to move forward. At the same time, the touring exhibition can also be made into a new large-scale IP according to the needs of the investor or operator, from original IP to new IP exhibition content production system, to establish a touring mode of immersive interactive exhibition. Shape the development of IP industrialization, and the output material and content in the exhibition, synchronous planning of more peripheral goods development, expand the IP long-tail benefits.