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Love Moment – Butterfly Lover & The Yellow River

Love Moment - Butterfly Lover & The Yellow River

After the creations of Poetic Tang and Song Dynasty/Lotus/Journey to Inspiration, Xianwuren Dance Theater launch the latest masterpiece in the form of twins.

The four seasons of spring, autumn, winter and summer are in harmony with the spirit of heaven and earth.

Love Moment is a new production in Dance TheatrePoetic Tang and Song Dynasty series. It is a twin production that tells the story of love, hate and separation in the world, and depicts the insights and long-cherished wishes in the picture of life. It seeks to reinterpret classical music melodies in a distinctive artistic style, breaking the boundaries of time and space through a highly exploratory stage performance, and expressing philosophical insights in the context of ancient oriental culture through a “spatial performance” of the body’s melodies in the rich structure of the two concertos.