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Beijing Modern Dance Company

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Slide Beijing Modern Dance Company One of the leading dance companies in China

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On December 7, 1995, the Beijing Modern Dance Company(BMDC) was established to promote the development of local art and to create contemporary art works based on respect and continuity of traditional culture. It is an important dance company renowned both at home and abroad.

For more than 20 years, the Beijing Modern Dance Company has performed nearly 100 excellent productions. After BMDC was founded, in February 1996, it premiered “Red and Black” at the Beijing Poly Theater. In October 2005, at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture, the Company went to the United States to perform at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC and attended the “China Culture Festival” during the exchange of visits between the leaders of China and the United States. In 2006, BMDC was commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival, Venice Biennale, and other major international festivals to create works. In 2007, BMDC was commissioned to create a piece for the opening of the Dutch Dance Festival and in the same year, their work “Jue” won the Annual Performance Award of “Danza eDanza”. In 2008, the Company was invited to Lyon, France to participate in the Lyon Biennale “Focus Dance” Forum. At the invitation of Ms. Pina Bausch, the World Modern Dance master, BMDC attended the Dance Festival in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 2009, BMDC was invited to participate in the Romanian International Arts Festival and the Israel Arts Festival,in 2010, in the “Europalia” Arts Festival in Belgium,in 2011, the Salisbury Festival in England, and in 2012, in the China-Japan Contemporary Dance Forum. The Company performed a series of classic works, including ” Oath•Midnight Rain “, ” Offering “, ” Wandering in the Realm of Lightness “, ” Spring Festival “, ” Blooming of Time “, ” The Twelve Souls of Time ” and other original dramas.. The works of BMDC have received wide attention and been praised by domestic and foreign experts and critics.

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The Beijing Modern Dance Company is one of the most important professional groups in the field of modern dance in China. Gao Yanjinzi, artistic director of BMDC, has led excellent Chinese choreograhpers and dancers to produce pure artistic creation, while actively participating in international cultural exchanges and other social activities. The Company has participated in a number of major performances and cultural projects at home and abroad, such as being entrusted by CCTV to film the First Glimmer of the Millennium Celebration Ceremony and broadcast it to the world via satellite. BMDC planned and performed the Closing Ceremony of the 9th National Games, the unveiling Ceremony of the Olympic emblem, the Launching Ceremony of the G20 Asia Investment Bank, the 20th Anniversary of Phoenix Satellite TV International Friendship Day. At the invitation of the State Council Information Office, BMDC also accompanied General Secretary Hu Jintao to visit South America in October 2004 and conducted special performances in more than 10 major theaters and municipal theaters there.. In 2009, along with their national leaders, BMDC went to visit Israel and toured Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv to conduct special performances. In May and June 2010, BMDC collaborated with the Canadian Wen Wei Dance Troupe to create the International cooperative repertory "Under The Skin", and as the closing piece at the Canadian International Dance Festival, launched the world premiere at the National Art Centre in Canada on June 12. In March 2011, as part of the China-Canada cooperation repertoire, "The Other Shore" was successfully performed 10 more times in Canada. In September 2012, the Company was invited by the Russian Ministry of Culture to participate in the performance of " China Year of Culture" in Russia. In February 2013, invited by the Ministry of Culture for "Happy Spring Festival", they went to Israel to carry out special performances of modern dance in Tel Aviv and Cartel. In June 2015, the troupe was invited to tour in Germany for performances in Frankfurt, Bart Humboldt and Trier . In February 2016, they participated in the "Year of Humanities Exchanges between China and Central and Eastern European Countries" and held their first performance in Croatia. In May of the same year, they went to Sri Lanka for special international exchange performances and were warmly received by the President. In November 2016, BMDC was invited to Egypt to participate in the annual cultural exchange between China and Egypt, a performance which was warmly welcomed by the Egyptian audience. BMDC and the Cairo Opera Troupe have successfully held a variety of workshops and other exchange activities. In fact, BMDC has been described as a "modern face of China".

BMDC has played an important role in the development and popularization of modern dance in China. Since 1999, the Beijing Modern Dance Company has promoted various public-benefit and universal art projects. The Company helped Lijiang Ethnic Orphan School in Yunnan to produce the large song and dance poem "Blue Moon Valley", which attracted wide attention in Beijing. BMDC regularly launches series such as "Dances with Nature", "Dance with Life", "Cross-border Master meets Dance" and other creative public welfare performance activities, specifically geared to the general public to popularize the art of modern dance. BMDC held four consecutive "Chinese modern dance performances", attracting the participation of dozens of well-known professional modern dance groups at home and abroad. They also promoted the interaction, exchange and creation of domestic and international artists, especially in universities and art circles, kindling a very positive response BMDC has also become an important platform for the development of Chinese modern dance in international exchanges.. BMDC invites internationally famous artists to do permanent projects and cooperative creations. The Company's artists have repeatedly accepted invitations for creations and performances from famous international art festivals, including the Berlin Arts Festival, the Venice Biennale, the Italian Bologna Contemporary Performing Arts Festival, the Tokyo International Contemporary Performing Arts Festival, the French Lyon Dance Biennale, the Singapore Arts Festival, the Seoul Creative Dance Festival, the Los Angeles Summer Concert, the German Pina Bausch Dance Festival/Artist Meeting, the Belgian "Europalia" Festival, the Canadian International Dance Festival.

Since 2003, the Beijing Modern Dance Company has been invited to present more than 100 performances in the most mainstream theatres in Europe and the United States.

BMDC gave special performances at the Kennedy Arts Center, the Lincoln Center, the Paris State Opera in France, the Joyce Theater in New York, the Music Center in Los Angeles, the Berlin World Cultural Center, the Marco Polo Theatre in Venice, and the Canadian National Arts Centre. BMDC has become a world-class dance company, making it an important cultural brand that has gained an excellent reputation and public praise as well as a fixed theater network in the Americas and Europe.

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