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Poly Theater Group sigend MOU With MilanOltre Festival

On September 19th, the special collaboration between Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre and MilanOltre Festival kicked off. Due to the epidemic, the Beijing Modern Dance Company, which was scheduled to go to Milan as resident company for the festival in October, was unable to attend.

With the joint efforts of Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre, Armstrong Music & Arts, Poly Armstrong International Arts and Communications Co., Ltd, and Milan Oltre Festival, we arranged the performances in Wuhan.

In this special collaboration, the dance company performed Blooming of the timeFirst Love and Oath Midnight Rain, telling Chinese stories about time, love and reincarnation.

The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Italy, and the “special collaboration between the two cities” has become an important cultural exchange activity between China and Italy. On September 19th, Poly Theater Group signed a MOU with MilanOltre Festival, marking the official start of the cooperation between the two sides. Oltre festival also arranged three online forums, inviting Yanjinzi GAO and Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater to participate, respectively sharing the situation and the constant pursuit of art during the epidemic.

At the same time, the company also held two master classes at the Qintai Grand Theatre to lead more dance lovers to experience the charm of modern dance.

In 2021, the company will premiere the original production The Great Wall and undertake a month-long tour of 10 performances across China.