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Guitarist Meng Su Major Tour

From January – February 2022, Guitarist Meng Su will be joined by a string quartet for concerts in 21 cities across the country. She will also enjoy offering a recital on her birthday in Jiangsu Grand Theatre (Nanjing).
In 2015, Meng Su won the prestigious Parkening International Guitar Competition, becoming the only player in the world to win both the young and adult categories of this competition.
She successfully joined the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a guitar professor in 2021, becoming the first Asian guitar teacher at a leading Western music institution.
1.12  Shenyang Shengjing Grand Theatre
1.14  Baoding Guanhanqing Grand Theatre
1.15  Hengshui Poly Theatre
1.16  Weifang Grand Theatre
1.18  Zibo Grand Theatre
1.19  Taishan Grand Theatre
1.21  Lianyungang Grand Theatre
1.22  Huai’an Grand Theatre
1.23  Ma An’shan Grand Theatre
1.27  Jiangsu Grand Theatre – Recital
2.11  Yunnan Grand Theatre
2.12  Guangxi Culture & Arts Center
2.14  Zhuhai Grand Theatre
2.15  Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre
2.17  Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center
2.19  Changsha Concert Hall
2.20  Chongqing Grand Theatre
2.22  Henan Arts Center
2.24  Xiamen Jiageng Theatre
2.25  Fuzhou University Town Culture and Art Center
2.26  Wenzhou Grand Theatre
2.27  Lishui Grand Theatre