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Chamber Music & Ensemble

Yo-Yo Ma with Silkroad Ensemble

Yo-Yo Ma with Silkroad Ensemble Concert took place in Qingdao Grand Theatre on November 14th, 2016. Yo-Yo Ma conceived Silkroad in 1998 as a reminder that even as rapid globalization resulted in division, it brought extraordinary possibilities for working together. Seeking to understand this dynamic, he recognized the historical Silk Road as a model for


Stringfever Concerts took place at Changsha, Xiamen and Shenzhen from 13th to 15th July, 2017. You may have seen them on TV, you may have heard them on the radio, you might even have witnessed one of their extraordinary performances at a function. Now following 7 major sellout tours of the United States, including performances in Las

English Chamber Orchestra

English Chamber Orchestra English Chamber Orchestra participated in the 6th Nanjing Forest Festival by video, 2020. On October 4th, the English Chamber Orchestra participated in the 6th Nanjing Forest Festival by video and collaborated with well-known Chinese violinist Siqing LV, performing Mozart <Violin Concerto No.5 in A Major – Adagio>. The English Chamber Orchestra is

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

Chamber Orchestra Kremlin Concerts took place at Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Dalian, Zhuzhou, Zhongshan, Changsha and Shenyang from 28th April to 6th May, 2017. Concerts took place at Zhongshan, Changsha, Shenzhen and Linyi from 23rd May to 3rd Jun, 2019. “When we talk about musicians of professional standards – instrumentalists, singers or conductors – the sound they

Henao Quartet

Henao Quartet Concerts took place at Foshan, Huai’an, Beijing and Shanghai from 16th – 23rd November 2019.  “What most strikes one about the Henao Quartet is not the quality of their performances – which is, undoubtedly, extremely high in all details – but rather the psychological refinement in the way the four strings approach the

Philharmonic Trio Vienna-Berlin

Philharmonic Trio Vienna-Berlin Concerts took place at Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Zhuhai and Changsha from March 26th – 31st 2019. Christoph Traxler: Piano Christoph Traxler is one of the most versatile young Austrian pianists. He performs with orchestras such as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and the Staatskapelle Halle with famous conductors like Manfred Honeck and Ralf

Russian National Orchestra String Quintet

Russian National Orchestra String Quintet Concerts took place at Shanxi, Liaocheng, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Huizhou, Dongguan and Zhuhai from 9th-20th January, 2019. Just three months after its debut on the 2004 RNO Volga River Tour, Four Strings was in demand worldwide. That season the ensemble traveled to Singapore to perform composer Mark Chan’s

Camerata Ireland with Barry Douglas

Camerata Ireland with Barry Douglas Concert took place at Guangzhou, Yichun, Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai from 10th-15th December 2016. Concert took place at Beijing, Tianjin, Handan, Shanghai and Chongqing from 9th-16th December 2018, together with flutist Eimear McGeown. Camerata Ireland was founded in 1999 by international pianist, conductor, educator and recording artist, Barry Douglas. The

Guarneri Trio Prague

Guarneri Trio Prague Concert took place in Chongqing, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and Shanxi from November 30th to December 8th, 2018. Čeněk Pavlík, violinMarek Jerie, celloIvan Klánský, piano  The Guarneri Trio Prague has inspired its audiences for a quarter of a century with an unsurpassable mix of artistic maturity and power of expression.  Since being founded