Armstrong International Music & Arts Enterprises Ltd., is a diversified leading arts management enterprise consists of three branches: Armstrong Music and Arts, Armstrong Media, and Armstrong Travel. We are aiming to build a cultural bridge between China and the Western World.

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Poly Armstrong International Arts and Communications Co., Ltd. established

At the end of 2019, Armstrong Music and Arts and Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. jointly established the Poly Armstrong International Arts and Communications Co., Ltd.

Armstrong Music & Arts was founded in 2009, mainly engaged in domestic and international touring organization, performing arts project production, artist management, arts consulting, new media and travel. After 10 years of development, the company has become a leading classical music agency and performing arts touring company, with rich global resources in the field of symphony orchestra touring and artist management and production.

Founded in 2003, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Poly Group, is the largest theatre management and performance operation group in China. Poly Theatre Company operates and manages 72 domestic theaters in 62 cities, 22 provinces, making it the largest directly operated theater chain in China and even in the world. In 2019, Poly Theatre Chain held 11,000 performances, becoming the largest performance operation platform in China.

Relying on the superior resources of the two parent companies, Poly Armstrong is committed to becoming one of the leading  artist management / touring agency and production company worldwide. We strive to be a pioneer in the industry and build a bridge of cultural exchanges between China and Foreign countries.

Poly Armstrong’s main business focuses on the following areas:

1. Introducing outstanding overseas cultural projects.
2. Signing and managing overseas artists’ China and Asian performances.
3. As one of the platforms for Poly Theater’s international cooperation and communication business, co-produce musical and operas with international producers.
4. Global cultural IP cooperation and development, including exhibitions, performances, theme parks, etc.
5. Create festivals in China and build more cultural exchange platforms.
6. Help original Chinese productions go global, arrange overseas tour and participate in various festivals.
7. Participate in overseas cultural investment and produce global quality cultural performance projects.

Through the above business development, Poly Armstrong’s demand for performances in China and Asia is expected to be over 300 performances per year.